The many uses of MEMS components

MEMS technology has the potential to make many of today’s digital devices even smaller and more efficient. By providing a higher level of integration they are the future of electronics.

Silicon MEMS resonators

Kyocera Technologies silicon MEMS resonator platform is very horizontal and it has many applications. The timing functionality is widely used in electronics such as phones, headsets, Bluetooth devices and so on.

Future MEMS applications

The technologies that we possess have also wider applications such as in sensors. At Kyocera Technologies, we are planning to expand our MEMS expertise to new areas as we explore deeper into making the electronics more integrated, miniaturized and effective.

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What unites our team consisting of over 10 nationalities and working closely with our sister team in Japan? Part of it is the thrill of creating cutting-edge technology – being a part of the revolution. But it is also the team spirit, the appreciation of different people from different backgrounds as individuals. If you are one of the best and the brightest, you might have what it takes to rock the boat with MEMS technology.