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Testing is a vital phase in MEMS product development, as it shows how well the design and processing phases of a component have succeeded. By providing real-world measurement data, it is a real “acid test” of design ideas.

Providing vital information

Testing is the phase where we see if the design works as planned and if there is sufficient yield for example. This is a crucial point in the product development cycle, as it provides feedback to design and processing stages for the next development round.

World-class testing facilities

There are multiple different types of measurements to be made to test a MEMS design. The testing produces a vast amount of data to be used in the R&D. At Kyocera Technologies, we work in world-class testing facilities to provide accurate data.

Data to base decisions on

Testing is then providing us the information to decide whether the design and process are sufficient for the product of if further design or process development is needed. Of course, the aim is to need as few iteration cycles as possible.

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