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As a company, Kyocera Technologies has always been supporting students by providing summer jobs, internships, and opportunities for thesis work. It is a deep-rooted practice in our company culture as well as our way of giving back to the society. Are MEMS Process Development or silicon wafer process development something you study? With us, the sky is the limit.

The start of something huge

Some of the top-notch MEMS engineers at Kyocera Technologies have started out as trainees. Together, we can create a career path that optimally supports your academic and career goals.

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Internship and Thesis positions at Kyocera Technologies

Having an internship at Kyocera Technologies offers a unique and valuable experience for students seeking to gain practical exposure to cutting-edge research, innovation, and development activities.

Here are some key aspects of what it typically means to have an internship with us:

Interns have the opportunity to engage in hands-on projects

They work on real-world problems and contribute to the development of new products, processes, or technologies.

Interns collaborate with experienced engineers

This mentorship provides a rich learning environment where interns can gain insights from experts in the industry. Our environments foster collaboration. This collaboration enhances their interpersonal and teamwork skills.

Internships emphasize problem-solving and critical thinking skills

Interns often encounter complex challenges and are encouraged to find innovative solutions, contributing to the organization’s objectives. Interns are typically assigned to specific projects. This involvement allows them to contribute to the project’s success and understand the entire research and development lifecycle.

Interns have the opportunity to work in state-of-the-art Micronova cleanroom and our own laboratory

Internships allow students to explore different aspects of R&D and discover specific areas of interest. This exploration can guide future career decisions. We view internships as a pipeline for talent. Successful interns may be offered full-time employment after completing their studies.

What are we looking for?

We offer internship positions in our Design team, Process Engineering team, Test Engineering team and occasionally in IT. We seek trainees in the relevant educational background in engineering, science, or related fields. Ideal trainee would have good technical skills or aptitude for learning technical concepts, analytical thinking and problem-solving abilities, curious and able to learn quickly, good communication skills, ability to work well in teams and collaborate with colleagues and attention to detail and commitment to accuracy. We have had trainees for example from Erasmus Mundus Program, from Tohoku University, Japan and from Finland.

Notes on applying for an internship

We offer trainee positions to higher education students in the field of technology. At Kyocera Technologies, our trainee positions follow the Finnish way of taking the summer vacation typically in July. This is why we prefer that applications are sent from January to February so we can go through them at one go. You can apply in the Open Positions section during the application period. Watch this space for more information!

Thesis positions

We offer thesis positions to students in the field of technology. The most typical way to get a thesis position at Kyocera Technologies is to first have an internship with us to learn our business. After internship it is easier to identify thesis opportunities where skills can be utilized, and knowledge deepened. We publish our open thesis position also in the Open Positions section.

The most rewarding moments at work are the ones where I can invent new solutions to challenging problems. Overall versatility of my daily tasks makes the job interesting.

Hannu, Senior MEMS Design Engineer

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Learn more about the available careers at Kyocera Technologies – and even if there are no open positions, you can leave an open application.