The ecosystem of innovation

The Otaniemi campus is sometimes called the “Silicon Valley of Finland”, as it brings together education as well as several startups and research facilities. Kyocera Technologies is deep-rooted in the unique creative spirit and engineering excellence the Otaniemi campus fosters.

The perfect storm of know-how

Working within the Otaniemi campus, the Micronova ecosystem hosting several firms, Aalto University and Finnish state research entity VTT is a unique location for innovation. The investments for supporting high-tech research pay off with the world-class know-how and innovation.

Top-class facilities

Within the Micronova ecosystem, Kyocera Technologies has access to the leading clean room in the northern Europe. It plays a significant role in pushing the boundaries of MEMS research.

Partner network

This cluster of high-tech means that Kyocera Technologies has a network of great companies and researchers to work with. Everyone can focus on their own area of expertise while collaborating and sharing ideas.

Convenient location

Located just a 15-minute metro ride from the Helsinki center, the Otaniemi campus has an excellent location. For Kyocera Technologies employees, this means convenient commuting to the office.

Work with us

Ready to join the revolution?

What unites our team consisting of over 10 nationalities and working closely with our sister team in Japan? Part of it is the thrill of creating cutting-edge technology – being a part of the revolution. But it is also the team spirit, the appreciation of different people from different backgrounds as individuals. If you are one of the best and the brightest, you might have what it takes to rock the boat with MEMS technology.