Succeeding together – as a team

While mythical, reclusive inventors make good stories, true innovations are usually a result of teamwork. Standing on the shoulders of giants, complementing each other as a team – that is how the world has gotten where we are today. The latest chapter in the history of electronics is written right now, right here – at Kyocera Technologies, as a team.

Working for a common goal

The pioneering development work for MEMS resonator and the fascinating challenges it brings have really welded the Kyocera Technologies team together. Designing our first product gives a common goal to the work. That spirit of discovery is what we want to cherish in our future projects as well.

Survey-proven team spirit

We carried out an employee survey with Varma in our company last spring. We were pleased to see the positive results. It’s great to know that our staff is happy, and they enjoy their work. It is wonderful to notice that the team spirit is strong with us. Getting the support from your colleague and giving support to your colleague is our way of working.

Shared knowledge pushes us forward

Shared knowledge is treasured at Kyocera Technologies. It creates us value which is hard to even measure. In a good team, every member contributes with their knowledge, personality and approach towards problem-solving. You can never tell where the answer is found!

Hear it from our team members

We asked about the most valued things about working in the Kyocera Technologies team. One response was “challenging and interesting tasks”, while another replied “good team spirit and an open atmosphere”. These pretty much sum up the two aspects of working with us!


Joining Kyocera Technologies firstly means that you get to work with amazing people. The second reason to join is this amazing time, when we are just accelerating toward the goals we have as a company. The third is the fact that we are all learning together every day.

Peter, Head of Process Engineering

Work with us

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The most rewarding moments at work are the ones where I can invent new solutions to challenging problems. Overall versatility of my daily tasks makes the job interesting.

Hannu, Senior MEMS Design Engineer