Advanced MEMS design means faster time-to-market

Everything starts with quality design. The choices the design engineer makes reflect to the entire component development process. At Kyocera Technologies, the design expertise is top notch.

MEMS design engineers at work

There is no expertise without skilled individuals. The fascinating challenges presented by MEMS design have gathered many top professionals from around the world to join Kyocera Technologies in at Espoo, Finland. Our design team enjoys the pioneering spirit that is present in their groundbreaking development work.

Designed to customer specifications

Every MEMS design is based on the specified physical and electrical parameters. In the case of silicon MEMS resonators, which are pin-to-pin compatible with quartz crystals, the frequency of the product is defined individually based on multiple design parameters.

Advanced simulation tools save time

The better the design, the fewer iteration rounds it takes from specification to a finished product. At Kyocera Technologies, we rely heavily on advanced simulations in order to optimize the product development cycles. That allows us to minimize the number of iterations needed for a final product.

Work with us

Ready to join the revolution?

What unites our team consisting of over 10 nationalities and working closely with our sister team in Japan? Part of it is the thrill of creating cutting-edge technology – being a part of the revolution. But it is also the team spirit, the appreciation of different people from different backgrounds as individuals. If you are one of the best and the brightest, you might have what it takes to rock the boat with MEMS technology.