Music, snowboarding and data analysis: get to know our Senior Data Analysis Engineer Tero Isotalo

Tero Isotalo Kyocera Technologies

We would like to introduce some of our employees. First to be introduced is Tero Isotalo who has worked at Kyocera Technologies for 3,5 years. This music and sports enthusiast is part of our Process Engineering team and analyzes a large amount of data for our engineers.

Data helps people to make insights that will keep us at the leading edge of our field

Without data there is no product development. With a wide variety of data our other team members can develop their methods for the new solutions and innovations. Tero Isotalo works as Senior Data Analysis Engineer and deals with large volumes of data on a daily basis.

“I help our engineers make actionable insights from our wide variety of data. Aside from the analysis itself, I am developing methods and standards which will allow others to access and explore our data so that we have as many minds as possible working to make the discoveries that will keep us at the leading edge of our field”, he says.

Tero says his work is challenging but also rewarding. He has to deal with a lot of inconsistencies at his work – as he says: everything is inconsistent. This means understanding new technologies and keeping up to date with the latest developments in data analysis. He believes that with good teamwork, anything is possible.

“Particularly challenging in the semiconductor industry, especially in R&D, is inconsistency. Data sources are inconsistent, data formats are inconsistent, the rate at which we receive data is inconsistent. Such inconsistency requires not only understanding the technology being developed, but staying informed of the latest developments in data analysis. With AI, there are incredible opportunities and also challenges. I hope our dynamic and enthusiastic team at Kyocera Technologies Oy can serve as a leader in both MEMS technology and R&D analytics in general.”

Even though the company has grown, the work remains dynamic

Having been part of our team for over 3 years, Tero has seen the organization grow from a small startup to a large enterprise. Although the company has grown, the working methods are still dynamic and provide a good basis for product development.

“The most rewarding aspects of my time at Kyocera have been seeing the organization’s growth from a small startup to a more advanced company and getting to tackle unique challenges. Working at Kyocera is incredibly dynamic. Our relatively small size allows each employee to have quite a bit of influence over their work and methods. This environment encourages both technical innovation and continuous improvement in our operational practices”, he explains.

Of course, Tero’s life is not just all about work:

“My hobbies include playing music, snowboarding and skateboarding. Lately however, you are most likely to find me watching my son playing football or my daughter figure skating.”

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Senior Data Analysis Engineer Tero Isotalo