The Finnish government supports cycling with a tax relief, giving employees the opportunity to buy a more valuable bike for commuting. In practice it means that an employee can lease a bike via Kyocera Tikitin (KTO) and get some tax benefits according to the tax authorities rules.

The benefit has been available for all KTO employees for a year and 3 out of 35 employees have already signed for this. One of them is KTO President Tapio Sulkava who is here starting his commute to work:

Tapio Sulkava bike benefit

This is considered as a valuable benefit when it is time to renew your bicycle.
The benefits of cycling include:

  • Compensate for using a car or public transport to commute to work
  • Increase your daily physical activity by cycling to work.
  • The bike can also be an electric one, which promotes leisure time. Electric bikes are lighter and more fun to pedal and offer an agile and fast way to get around the Helsinki metropolitan area.

As another example of commuting, in the picture our Process Support and OHS Manager Heikki Wiljanen travels to the office alongside with his son Onni. The little difference is that Onni is on his way to kindergarten.

Heikki Wiljanen bike benefit