KYOCERA Tikitin is expanding operations in Otaniemi into a new facility

Micronova in Tietotie 3 is essential for Kyocera Tikitin. We operate there together with VTT, Aalto University, and other companies. Our new additional office and laboratory space is very close to Micronova, so we can conveniently have our team members going between the facilities when needed.

The project to establish the new additional site for us was a great example for the type of projects that our team members can be responsible of. Pekka Rotko, the MEMS Testing Manager, was nominated to lead the project.

The project included planning of our processes in such a way that they can be run between two different sites and how to enable us to have the necessary equipment there. Luckily, the premises had already some of the needed infrastructure in place as it was previously in laboratory use. The issue was that we needed also clean room space for our equipment.

A modular clean room solution with required cleanness was found, and Pekka comments that “as soon as we identified the technical solution to cover our needs, we engaged with VTT and other stakeholders. There was a great team effort in place, and we managed to complete the project to our satisfaction”.

Pandemic situation created challenges

The project was executed during the time of pandemic restrictions. Pekka says that “it is not a secret that corona virus caused challenges to this project. Planning how the necessary project people from different stakeholders can be present and still safe requires effort and good will from all parties” and he continues “Our partners were flexible and understanding to the situation and we are very grateful”.

All in all, even if it felt difficult to execute, this project was a great example that projects can be executed during the pandemic situation.

What does this mean for Kyocera Tikitin

Pekka summarizes the outcome as follows “We got exactly what we needed. Kyocera Tikitin can continue to grow in size, our team members do not need to sit too far from each other and everyone can enjoy the public transport with the metro station less than 100 meters from the office. In addition to the team, we have also room to grow with some new equipment in the future”