Kyocera Tikitin is now Kyocera Technologies – welcoming the new era of semiconductor industry

The world doesn’t change by itself. Unprecedented innovations do not arise by themselves. Their emergence requires the ability to see solutions instead of problems and opportunities instead of threats.  It requires the right mindset and attitude. Technologies never seen before. Competence harnessed to its full potential. That we dare to think big.

We are changing the world of electronics by developing components which enable our customers to create new and improved products. Our innovative silicon MEMS technology is nothing ordinary. It will revolutionize the entire industry and break records. We will start with the timing industry but after that the world is open.

That is why we are welcoming the new era of semiconductor industry with a new name Kyocera Technologies – where innovative solutions are not only sought but also found.

“We have been part of the global Kyocera group for several years now and our old name Tikitin has served us well. However, now it’s time to look more into the future and therefore our new name reflects us better,” says Tapio Sulkava, Managing Director of Kyocera Technologies. “We also don’t want the name to limit our activities. The new name enables a more diverse field of activity for us in the future”, he continues. In the future Kyocera Technologies is planning to become a diverse R&D unit on a mission to create innovative solutions to multiple fields in the future. At the same time we will continue doing the product development we have been doing until now and follow the road map we have created.

“The growth in these years since we have become part of Kyocera has been significant. We have been working as a global team and keep growing. In the future we will have even wider career opportunities and growth paths for our solution finders”, Sulkava states.

Follow our channel and you will be the first to hear about new opportunities with us. Kyocera Technologies – where innovative solutions are not only sought but found.