KYOCERA Tikitin Oy (KTO) MEMS-innovationScores Again

Last year KYOCERA Tikitin won the series of business innovations for small and medium size companies in the national Quality Innovation Award competition.
We proceeded to international competition where innovation winners of different countries competed against each other.

We won our series in the international competition as well. There is still work to be done before the first products will be launched. The goal is clear and feeling of doing something truly unique and disruptive is a great motivator for the whole team. This feeling was further strengthened by our success in the competition.

As our CTO Dr. Antti Jaakkola says: “This award is an acknowledgement of the innovativeness of our skilled product development team and feedback which tells us that we are on the right track in the work that we do. There were lots of happy faces in our team when we heard about winning this award.”


KYOCERA Tikitin MEMS resonator is the winner of 2022 Quality Innovation Award.