Kyocera Tikitin’s new quality manager Markku Nieminen aims to develop processes and products with experience of over two decades

In October 2020 Markku Nieminen started as the quality manager at Kyocera Tikitin. Markku’s responsibility is to develop company’s quality management practices, including all aspects from R&D to manufacturing and delivery. For Markku, this is a great opportunity to work hands-on with high-quality products and like-minded, highly educated professionals. 

Markku Nieminen
Markku Nieminen has over 20 years of experience about quality management in various well-known companies, including 12 years of silicon wafer business.

Markku has over 20 years of experience about quality management in various well-known companies, including 12 years of silicon wafer business. Now it’s time to join the Kyocera Tikitin family and lead the quality to match our clients’ needs and exceed the standards.

“Kyocera Tikitin is a very intriguing combination of agility of a small company and financial support of a strong parent company, with ambitious growth plans!”, says Markku about his new employer. “The agility can be seen every day as we make fast decisions and put them in practice.”

Kyocera Tikitin has dynamic desire to grow and actions speak for that strategy. “Everyone has the ability to influence the future of the firm. We set our goals and with the help of good strategy and an atmosphere conducive to experimentation, we will reach them”, Markku reveals about the working environment.

Professionals with a great attitude and future-oriented thinking

For Markku and others, Kyocera Tikitin is a fascinating workplace because they are continually developing, and everyone is on the same page.  

“Everyone here around is highly-educated but most importantly they all have open-minded way of thinking and innovative ability to solve problems”, Markku gives kudos to his coworkers.

“People are very bright-minded, and we don’t stick to small details for too long: everyone understands quickly what the other means and we can proceed on the job more efficiently. This is something that you don’t see very often. And help is always available. Team spirit is just great.”

Quality matters in everything

As part of Kyocera corporation, quality is on focus in everything we do, design, and deliver! 

“Without high-quality products, we could not compete against the other players in the market. The end-product quality is what our global customers need and if we failed to meet their expectations, we would soon be out of the game.”, Markku says.

“Every day we make decisions that guide how we can fulfill our customers’ requirements. Design, manufacturing, delivery – the whole value chain must work seamlessly. Everyone plays in the same team.”

Japanese quality management – not just one way

Markku has for many years been interested in Japanese quality thinking and management. Now that he is with Kyocera, he works with Japanese colleagues every day.

“Now I can experience this in real life!”, Markku tells. “This is very different than reading it from books. I often viewed Japanese quality thinking as very standardized, almost copy exact. But here at Kyocera-Tikitin it is more like an amoeba where the emphasis is on being responsible, fair individual; professionals who find the best way for their job. And this gives very good results in terms of both quality and profit.”

“Thus, same goals can be achieved with different approaches.”, Markku describes his experience after three months at Kyocera Tikitin.

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