Our new Senior Operations Manager Thierry Corman reinforces Kyocera Tikitin’s professional team in scaling up the company towards high-volume production

In November 2020, during the global pandemic, Thierry Corman moved from Sweden to Espoo to work with like-minded colleagues at Kyocera Tikitin as Senior Operations Manager. Thierry’s background in engineering and successful MEMS manufacturing business is a thriving force on our mission to bring our production to the next level.

– I enjoy working in an international and multicultural environment and I enjoy highly bringing my experience to the teams here at Kyocera Tikitin, says Thierry. – I have been working with Finnish and Japanese companies and I like their mentality and way of doing business combining long-term thinking and sustainability.

One main reason to join Kyocera Tikitin for Thierry is that he shares the same values as the company. – I highly value high-technology and innovative thinking with a focus on the customer completed with people-centric organization, sustainability, and contribution to the advancement of society and humankind.

The other main reason for Thierry to come to Helsinki is a multicultural capital that combines important things for him – nature, environment, and like-minded people. – For me, Helsinki is the Silicon Valley of Scandinavia with high-tech ecosystems. Helsinki offers superior quality of life, to be honest. Walking across the streets and seeing the open sea gives me a fantastic, unique feeling.

Background in MEMS manufacturing and automotive industry

Thierry has been working for high-tech companies in the MEMS industry and a global automotive corporation before joining the Kyocera Tikitin team. He joined the management team to build the Operations organization and help the company scale up to reach high volume production

– I had heard about the company from a few of my friends and as I saw the opening for this position, I didn’t hesitate for a second. I am happy to be able to bring my experiences with me to contribute to the success of Kyocera Tikitin.

So far, the new surroundings have treated Thierry very positively, with everything running smoothly on and off the office. The new start during the global pandemic has been great and all the arrangements and onboarding have been organized professionally and Thierry has got a warm welcome.

– When I started, I felt warmly welcomed and I can tell that people here take very good care of new people. I could and I can feel the trust and open mindset since day one. Everyone has been very helpful and kind. It just made me feel like an integral part of the company straight away.

From the newcomers’ point-of-view, Kyocera Tikitin is very advanced with regards to digitalization. This can be seen when the majority of communication and processes happen remotely. This is a clear plus for Thierry but still, there’s something that he misses from the time before Corona.

– Face-to-face negotiations with our suppliers and the social human interactions are what I miss the most. But I am sure that they will come back soon, and we get to see each other.

An open-minded and inclusive company with a flat organization

Thierry has now been working with Kyocera Tikitin for a good four months, so he has seen how the company and people work, think, and act. Finding how easy it is to talk to people and how things are run, gives Thierry the feeling of a “workplace-to-be”.

– We are a very open-minded and inclusive company with a flat organizational structure. We are a multicultural organization, and everyone is extremely competent in their respective area. Everyone gets along with each other, from entry levels to the directors.

Since starting the journey, Thierry’s thoughts of the company have been only strengthened, with a clear roadmap driven by customers and everyone working for the same goals. Together with our suppliers, we work in an agile manner with a high focus on technology, quality, and now operations for the long-term success of the different programs.

“If you are thinking of applying to Kyocera Tikitin – don’t hesitate at all!”

Thierry, the new senior operations manager, encourages everyone to join the Kyocera Tikitin team. Kyocera Tikitin’s people study, develop, test, and manufacture MEMS resonators for the growing smart device market.

–  This is a great opportunity to gain experience in a modern and high-tech company that is surrounded by a great ecosystem, Thierry encourages everyone interested in MEMS and smart devices to join the crew. – You will be involved in exciting projects and will get fantastic guidance and support from the great team ours. You will learn a lot and get a lot of experience in a high-tech and modern company. You will feel at home from the first day on and for me, it hasn’t changed.