Summer trainees help in the commercialization of the MEMS resonators and streamlining the production process – Summer story of Matthew Ward

Kyocera Tikitin recruits summer trainees every year. This year three major students have been working at Kyocera Tikitin in various positions. They have different backgrounds in studies and interests but they all have one thing in common – their goal is to make the MEMS resonators and the production process ready and qualified for commercialization.

We interviewed three summer trainees – Shayan Khan, Matthew Ward, and Urho Koljonen. The three ambitious rising professionals gave insights into their work and life at Kyocera Tikitin.  

Matthew Ward – Chemistry Masters Student At University Of Helsinki 

Matthew Ward joined Kyocera Tikitin this summer to work in the probing team. His tasks have included testing the product and getting the quality to meet the market demands. Currently, he is studying chemistry at the University of Helsinki aiming to have his master’s thesis out in the following year. Summer traineeship at Kyocera Tikitin has been highly interesting and instructive.  

– I have been part of the team that is having the product from the ramp-up phase to real products, production, and commercialization. The whole process and what we are doing here is quite interesting. This was the main reason for me to apply for a summer trainee position this summer.  

A fascinating field of MEMS resonators 

Kyocera Tikitin caught Matthew’s interest on LinkedIn where he was scrolling through summer job vacancies and ended up getting to know Tikitin’s offering. He had no experience with the company before applying but the stories and the field of silicon-based MEMS resonators were so intriguing that he decided to apply. Good for everyone – he has been working full time since the beginning of the summer.  

– I didn’t know Tikitin beforehand, but I learned that they are on the edge of something very cool and possibly world-changing technology. I applied with no hesitations, with eagerness to learn all the new things.  

Active learning across team-lines 

The summer has taught a lot to Matthew, and he is thankful for the opportunity and coworkers who have taken him into their team as an equal teammate and been helpful throughout the traineeship.  

– For a summer trainee like me, Kyocera Tikitin is a very good working environment, I get to learn many things from the industry and the commercialization process of a completely new product and technology.  

For a young student, the future asset, the company culture is always under the magnifying glass when choosing a trainee position or a job at a company.  

– Everything runs clearly and openly here. The guiding idea is “How can this team help other teams and individuals”. Kyocera Tikitin is full of open-minded and helpful people who are working for the same purpose and goal. That is something many young people are looking for in a company, Matthew describes the company culture, and gives credit to his employer and coworkers. 

Matthew, would you recommend Kyocera Tikitin to be a place for a student like you, or in general? 

– No hesitations here, I would 100%! If you are interested in this field and want to work in this industry, this is the place. You get to learn various cultures – persona and workwise, with the flexible working environment and deep cooperation with colleagues since day one.