Summer trainees help in the commercialization of the MEMS resonators and streamlining the production process – Summer story of Urho Koljonen

Urho Koljonen is a physics and mathematics master’s student in the Aalto University.

– Last summer was so interesting and now I have been working with the limit values of the production machinery so that everything should be value-wise ready for the production ramp-up, Koljonen says.

Continued from last summer, going towards master’s thesis

Koljonen enjoyed last summer very much – interesting tasks and a great working environment had him convinced to come back and be a part of the process with a new role. He had discussions about his future and was very pleased that his supervisor had many plans for him in the future.

– My job description changed pretty much as now I am focusing on data analysis, which will be at the core of my upcoming master’s thesis. Our mutual plan is to have me as wide understanding of the whole as possible. The summer has been so far very interesting, and I have enjoyed my work here. At the same time, I have been feeling that I’m part of the company and my colleagues have been welcoming and helpful all the time.

A highly inclusive culture supports learning and a good feeling

Even though Urho is still a professional-to-be, he sees Kyocera Tikitin’s working culture and model as very suitable for him. The experience of working closely with his coworkers towards a mutual goal and spending time outside the office hours is the experience that he can and will recommend to everyone.

– We are in rapid growth but I still have been able to get to know all my colleagues and I am glad that I get help all around and get to have more knowledge every day. All the new employees are taken care of, and nobody is left outside. We even make some trips together where we combine work and free time.

Clear management and good relationship make the job highly enjoyable

Koljonen didn’t know Tikitin in the first place but after joining the company, he has built a good relationship with his coworkers and especially with his supervisor Panu Koppinen, manager of the foundry operations and commercialization.

– Panu is one major reason why I enjoy my job very much! He is the reason why I have had a clear reason for being a part of this story. It has been very nice to know that since the beginning I have been very appreciated. I think all of us summer workers, and everyone here feels the same way.

Urho, would you recommend Kyocera Tikitin to be a place for a student like you, or in general?

– Yes! Here every summer trainee is appreciated as a professional coworker and the people are helpful in every situation even though we have a rapid growth speed, and we are given tasks that are highly important for the company and at this time for the commercialization. So, I think we are vital assets for Kyocera Tikitin and we receive acknowledgment of the work we do. The working culture is flexible and modern which is only making our life here easy. Everyone is helpful and openly communicative so know where we are going and what they expect from us.

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