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Are you interested in MEMS technology? Do you want to be a part of a revolution impacting on a wide range of technologies? If you answered yes, Kyocera Technologies could be the right place for you. In this blog we tell you about our teams and the possibilities we offer!

Design team: in the core of creating something new

We say it with great pride: our design expertise is top notch. And everything starts from the product design. Our design team does everything from idea brainstorming, modeling, prototype design, layout design to analyzing testing data.

Product design defines the success of the future development phases. When it comes to designing mass-produced products, quality carries a lot of weight: the design choices made here affect the entire component development process. The better the design, the fewer iteration rounds it takes from specification to the finished product. This is why our advanced use of simulation tools, optimized product development cycles and high quality design matters.

Teamwork is key to success in the design. Design-owner involves process engineer experts and testing experts in different stages of the work so design is not only the spotlight of one designer but the development process of many experts.

Design team does groundbreaking development work – with pioneering spirit!

Process engineering team: a general understanding of semiconductor processing

Optimization, developing and improving quality. That’s how we would sum up the tasks of our processing engineering team. Once the component design is created, the prototypes are processed with multi-step semiconductor fabrication methods.

While the design team’s top priority is improving quality, the process engineering team focuses on efficiency. The processes created for the products in our R&D are later transferred to manufacturing. This means that we need to focus on things such as manufacturing yield to make sure the mass production will be efficient. Being able to extend the use of silicon in new areas, such as MEMS resonators as timing devices, the process engineering team has developed new methods and practices.

Like every team, the processing engineering team does cross-functional teamwork. The majority of semiconductor processing is performed in Otaniemi, located in the greater Helsinki area in Finland. In addition, we also utilize our internal and external partner networks to perform various tasks.

At Kyocera Technologies, our MEMS processing methods are the result of a long, groundbreaking development!

Testing team: passion for automation and data processing

If automation and data processing are your passion, our testing team could be the right place for you. The people in our testing team are experts in MEMS test development. Our expertise in the testing team varies from the fields of electronic engineering, instrumentation control, radio frequency measurements, solid state physics, resonator and oscillator theory to material science.

There are multiple different types of measurements to be made to test a MEMS design and the testing produces a vast amount of data to be used in the R&D. Without systematic, high-quality testing there is no product development at all. Testing is a vital phase in MEMS product development, as it shows how well the design and processing phases of a component have succeeded. Testing provides the information for backing up the decision-making about whether the design and process are sufficient for the product or if further design or process development is needed. As we said earlier, the better the design, the fewer iteration rounds it takes. The testing provides valuable feedback to the design and process engineering teams and helps to solve the issues that may appear with the development

At Kyocera Technologies, we work in world-class testing facilities to provide accurate data. The team tests the products in real-life conditions, seeks experimental solutions for process and mass production issues, and provides a platform for further developments

Efficient and professional testing provides vital information and functional products!

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There is no expertise without skilled individuals

Who are we searching for? We work hard and long-term, but always as one team. Our team members are self-driven, goal-oriented, curious, and inquisitive. If you have these traits and you are for example a physicist, have an engineering background in semiconductors, or have a degree in a relevant technical field, you could be the right person for our team! Which of our teams would be the most suitable for your competence: Design, Process, or Test Engineering? Kyocera Technologies is an extraordinary workplace with extraordinary teams.

Ready to join the revolution? If you want to know more, get to know us!